Will Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons?

This article was written by Constantin Ghika, a staff writer for Shield. Constantin is an undergraduate student in the department of War Studies at King’s College London. The multicultural environment in which he grew up (his mother is French and his father is Romanian), as well as his family’s military background gave him a passion for [...]

Transformative Education As a Soft-Power Approach Against Extremism

This article was written by Pedro Lagonegro, a staff writer for Shield. He has more than 15 years of professional experience between the private and public sectors. He has worked for several different companies and NGOs, and has been an international civil servant of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Pedro recently completed an MA [...]

Changing the Game: The Evolving Threat of Female Terror Cells

This article was written by Olivia Adams. Olivia is a recent graduate in the International Relations BA programme at King’s College London. Her research interests include Islamist extremism, counter-terrorism, and female terrorism. The threat of female terrorism is not new. In recent years, women have been amongst those caught planning bold attacks across Europe and [...]

The Price of Solving the Macedonian Issue

The name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has been a contentious issue for 25 years, polarising those who support the name and those who argue the state should not be called ‘Macedonia’. The Greek government has consistently fallen in the latter category. After many rounds of UN-mediated talks from the 1990s through to 2017 failed to reach a solution, the leaders of the two Balkan countries finally reached one in 2018 after months of negotiations.

Germany’s Phantom Debate: Why Germany Should Not Consider the Nuclear Option

During the 2018 political summer break in Berlin, a debate that had already been considered buried in the dustbin of implausible ideas resurfaced. After Christian Hacke, a retired professor of political science, suggested that Germany ought to contemplate acquiring nuclear weapons in light of America’s waning reliability as a security guarantor, a phantom debate returned to Berlin’s strategic community. I will show why this debate about a German national nuclear arsenal is misguided. Acquisition of nuclear weaponry would not enhance Germany’s security – on the contrary, a German atomic bomb would compromise the country’s safety.