Insight Days

For 2018-19, Shield is setting up an initiative together with key defence and security employers. This opportunity will be offered to Shield staff first, since they have already demonstrated an interest in security and defence. If the available places aren’t filled, an invitation will then be extended to the War Studies department of King’s College London on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students want to learn more about the potential career paths they can follow, and the employers they could work for. They want to hear what it’s really like to work in a particular organisation and really get a feel for the place in a way that’s only possible by visiting in person.

Employers want to meet students with potential and an interest in working within the defence and security industry. They want to hear about your studies, the projects, internships or summer schools you’ve completed, and the research topics that excite you.

Up to five Insight Days will run throughout the academic year 2018-19. We are excited to confirm that Shield will be running an Insight Day at the IISS. Talks are ongoing with a number of other key organisations across the defence and security sector. The full list of employers will be confirmed once Shield is fully staffed for the next academic year, or by around September 2018. Watch this space …